IQ Milking Unit

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The revolutionary IQ Milking Unit from GEA is designed to maximize milk quality, while improving milk-out times. It provides todays dairy producers more reliable performance with quieter operation and easier maintenance.

GEA IQ Milking Unit:

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum milk quality - smarter vacuum control significantly reduces milk contamination. Vacuum is greatly reduced when the liner is not attached, which means less manure and other soil/debris is sucked into the milk line. You won't believe how clean your milk filters are with the IQ Milking Unit.
  • Improved udder health - with four separate guide chambers there is no threat of teat-to-teat cross contamination of mastitis-causing bacteria. Unlike conventional milking units, the new IQ unit is subdivided into four quarters, and milk from each quarter is kept separate.
  • Holds on any shaped udder - the short milk tubes are longer which allows proper placement on virtually any udder shape. The unit weight is ideally distributed 80% on the teat and 20% in the claw. Plus, better unit alignment means fewer unit slips and squawks.
  • Easy maintenance - unique and patented liner connection makes liner changes quick and easy. Shells, liners, and air dividers can be pre-assembled to allow liner changes in minutes instead of hours.
  • Faster milk-out times - improved vacuum stability increases flow rates and the sharper angle of the milk chamber speeds flow to the milk line.
  • Quieter operation - the automatic vacuum shifting system makes for virtually noise-free milking - even during attachment or during a kick-off.
  • More reliable performance - the slim profile of this unit is harder for cows to kick-off.

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