Classic 300E

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​​As a result of many years of breeding, udder geometry has evolved. Today, many high producing cows have a more narrow teat position on their rear quarters. Therefore, you need a milking unit that allows for the best fit and maximum milk-out of all sizes and shapes of udders/teat position. You need the new Classic 300 Evolution milking unit.

GEA Classic 300E

GEA Classic 300Features & Benefits

  • Durable design - made of high grade stainless steel and radel, the strongest and longest lasting plastic in the industry.
  • High capacity - 10.5 ounces (300cc) collection bowl easily high volume milk flow rate.
  • Easy-to-see milk flow - 360° visibility.
  • Spoon shaped milk inlets - ensure that the short milk tube remains flexible enough for proper alignment.
  • Adjustable - for parallel and conventional parlors, claws top pivots 90 degrees on bottom.
  • Easy-to-clean - no corners, smooth hygienic finishes.
  • Outlet with 22 degree downward angle - moves milk away rapidly.

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