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DairyPlanDairyPlan C21 - Herd and Parlor Management Software

DairyPlan C21 offers integrated monitoring and control of parlor systems as well as comprehensive production and health data. DairyPlan has user-friendly displays and accurate reports that facilitate the management of your herd and parlor through the latest software technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Evaluating, Analyzing, Monitoring, Benchmarking, and Planning — DairyPlan C21 offers the right software tools for successful management of your complete herd — from calves to milking cows to dry cows.
  • Reproduction and Herd Health Management - Review and manage reproductive efficiencies.- Pinpoint problem cows — fertility, mastitis & other health problems.- Forecast milking cow numbers, dry cows and number of calvings.- Organize herd health checks, vaccination & synchronization programs.- Evaluate statistics on ailments and treatments.- Detect heats on milking animals and youngstock with activity monitoring.- Record and evaluate Body Condition Scores.
  • Milk Production Management - Monitor milk production — daily, monthly and yearly averages.- Prevent lactation pitfalls and keep production where it should be.- Identify and treat exception cows immediately.- Integrate component test results by herd or by individual.- Manage and view milking routines from the computer.- Evaluate milk flow & production data.- Measure milk conductivity and better monitor mastitis.
  • System Management Regulate and monitor connected hardware components.- Analyze parlor performance and work flow routines.- Sort animals automatically by setting criteria in software.- Monitor parlor washing performance.- Manage concentrate feeding.- Interface with tank controls to record milk temperatures.- Automatically weigh animals & record body weights on the move.- Monitor DairyFeed calf feeders and manage youngstock.

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