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Electronically monitoring cows for heat detection can reduce labor, increase pregnancy rates, decrease days open and limit the need for hormone treatments. Now, with the new CowScout™S system, from GEA, dairy producers can benefit from electronic activity monitors and receive more accurate breeding information, no matter where they are, via internet, smart phone or text messaging. No other system compares!

herd management 00Features & Benefits

  • Data is stored with cloud technology – making it accessible anytime, anywhere; you are not limited to the barn office.
  • Data can be measured continuously – assuring you always have the latest information and you receive immediate alarms. Data is displayed and analyzed in 2-hour increments and it can be stored in the tag for up to 24 hours.
  • Data transmission is not deterred – ultra high frequency (UHF) wireless signals are not obstructed by dirt, manure, or internal building components, which can be common with other systems using infrared devices. Plus, the UHF technology provides a wider read range - up to 300 ft. - or the approximate length of a football field.
  • Data transmitted to a wireless receiver – CowScout can be used anywhere – for cows or heifers – with minimal system implementation; it does not require a trip to the parlor or a walk-through portal or panel reader, so there is no cow flow restriction. The wireless system also makes CowScout an ideal choice for cows on pasture.
  • Independent data capture – will not interfere with any other cow ID system currently used on the farm.
  • Versatile – CowScout is not just for dairy cows. Activity monitoring can benefit heifer raisers and beef cattle operations.
  • Less expensive start-up – no complex software is required. Connect via internet to have mobile access to your data - or - if the internet is not available in your area, you can connect directly to your PC to check data.
  • Installed and supported by GEA dealers – a professional network with unsurpassed dairy equipment experience; available 24/7.
  • Reduced activity can also be detected – often the first sign of health problems or lameness.
  • Low maintenance costs – no expensive batteries to replace.
  • Industry leading technology – latest version of accelerometer technology, for the most accurate activity readings.
  • More ways to view information – 7 day, 70 day, lactation and 7 day step counter – more options than any other system.

CowScout™S Makes the Principles of Estrus Detection Easier

  • CowScout analyzes and displays an animal’s activity in 2-hour periods.
  • Individual cow activity in one period is compared to the activity in the same period over the preceding days to develop a baseline.
  • An attention notification is sent if the animal’s present activity has increased sufficiently or dropped significantly over several consecutive periods.
  • CowScout sends an alert notification if there is a suspicious increase or reduction in activity, but not enough for a full attention notification.
  • All sensitivity levels can be customized by user, so your activity benchmarks fit your individual operation and your cows.

How it Works

  • Individual cow activity data is collected and stored in the CowScout leg or neck* tag. This information is continuously transmitted via wireless signals to a long-range antenna, which in turn feeds the data to the nearby receiver. This assures you always have the most up-to-date information.​
  • The receiver transmits the activity data to the CowScout herd database for processing.
  • If the activity level is significantly more or less than normal activity readings for a particular cow, the CowScout database sends an alert message to your computer, your mobile device or both – depending on your pre-set preferences.

CowScout™S Offers Unique Features Over Other Activity Monitoring Systems

  • Does not rely on infrared technology that can be blocked by dirt, manure or internal building components.
  • Uses leg or neck* band for accurate movement and mobility monitoring.
  • Signal sent to the receiver using the long range antenna.
  • Offers one of the greatest detection ranges of any system.
  • Easily adaptable to both cow and heifer facilities - whether you use freestall or pasture-based housing.
  • Includes web interface, a unique web portal just for smartphones and different notification features.
  • Less expensive than many other options; tags transferrable from animal to animal, reducing overall investment.
  • Backed by GEA dealerships, offering industry-leading equipment expertise and customer service to support your purchase.
  • More experience than any activity monitor provider – more than one million activity tags already in service.
  • *Neck version coming soon.

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