GEA M-Cow Brush

The E-Brush and M-Brush from GEA keeps cow clean and comfortable for greater herd health and increased milk production.​

Key features:

  • Designed for​ dairy cattle in a freestall environment.
  • Approximate 60-second rotation intervals.
  • Alternates rotation direction on each activation to minimize bristle wear while providing self-cleaning.
  • Auto-start activation provided by cows lifting the brush in an upward movement.
  • Fixed design – not free hanging, allows the cows to provide additional pressure during cleaning.

Key features of the M-BRUSH

  • Diagonal design focuses on cleaning the cow’s back, head, tail, and sides.
  • Provides optimum counter-pressure as cows can intensify brushing effect.
  • Alternating bristle lengths allow for better cleaning while adjusting to the natural shape of the cow.
  • Recommended capacity of one brush per 50 cows.
  • Fully encased drive unit for maximum protection and durability

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