GEA FutureCow Teat Scrubber

The FutureCow Prep System uses a mechanical brush unit to effectively and reliably wash, disinfect, dry and stimulate teats prior to milking. Brush speed and pressure have been optimized for maximum stimulation, which contributes to less unit on-time and improved teat-end health.

The three rotating brushes clean the sides and bottom of the teat, no matter the teat length. The disinfecting solution is ready-to-use in the parlor, within the brush unit and dispensed automatically in the brush when the trigger is pulled.

With FutureCow, cows receive a consistent prep procedure, no matter who is milking. Dairy producers can potentially reduce labor costs and can certainly reduce operating costs by eliminating towels and laundry. The FutureCow Prep System benefits cows, employees and the dairy’s bottom line.

Key Benefits of the FutureCow™ Prep System

  • Superior stimulation.
  • Consistent pre-milking preparation.
  • Improved teat and teat end cleanliness.
  • Reduces labor.
  • Increased parlor efficiency.

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