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gea touchstoneGEA TOUCHSTONE

A practical choice for any parlor.

  • Bottom-line efficiency - simple,push-button operation,compact size,integrated logic,with wide range of milking settings.
  • Flexible - vacuum or air-powered models available.
  • Milk let down delay - helps prevent premature detaching.
  • Vacuum on delay - delays vacuum during attachment to assure better vacuum stability.
  • Soft-take-off - Gentle removal assures the cow's comfort and udder health​
  • Parallel drop feature - allows the cylinder to release after the milking unit is retracted, resetting in better visibility.
  • Sanitary, C.I.P. design - allows Clean-In-Place automated washing.
  • Compact size - easily fits in most stall configurations
  • High-visibility indicator lights - displays the operating mode and shows when milk flow has stopped (automatic or manual settings).
  • Uses the VisoFlow sensor

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Advanced Dairy Solutions is a highly respected dairy contractor Richland Center, WI.​ We specialize in milking equipment with over 45 years in the dairy industry.

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