Metatron P 21

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Metatron P 21GEA Metatron P 21

  • Measures and sends data for milk production, milk quality, health and reproductive status. Can be programmed to control stimulation, pulsation and claw removal.
  • Real-time , accurate milk metering and complete dairy farm management.
  • Total milk yield, maximum and average milk flow, milking time for each cow.
  • When linked to DairyPlan C21, tracks veterinary actions, feeding data, days in lactation, days pregnant, etc.
  • Automatically signal signs of heat and "do not milk" if the cow has abnormal production.
  • Easy-to-read display, large buttons.
  • High impact, water-resistant control panel case protects electronic components for extended trouble-free operation.
  • Fully functional display showing milk quantity, milking time,heat activity, stimulation, conductivity, etc.
  • pulsation control
  • Uses the Metatron milk meter ​

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